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5 things to know about automobile air conditioning

Bowens Automotive in Stoney Creek provides you with expert automotive repairs and services for all your vehicle’s critical operating systems. In a summer with record heat, no system is more important to your driving comfort than your car’s air conditioning (a/c).

There are five things Bowens Automotive suggests you should know about air conditioning. For starters, air conditioning does exactly what it suggests: it conditions the air in your vehicle. What does that mean? Engaging the air conditioning means the air in your vehicle is not only cooled down but also cleared of the sticky humidity that in a small cabin space can quickly become unbearable. In other words, it does exactly the same job as the air conditioning unit in your home.

Another important thing to know is that engaging your air conditioning system while driving takes energy. As your energy consumption goes up, your kilometres per gallon ratio goes down. You’ll need to decide whether your desire to stay cool is more important than your need to reduce gas consumption.

Like all modern automotive technology, your air conditioning system is complicated. Most a/c systems are built with a compressor, a condenser, a receiver dryer or accumulator, an orifice tube and an evaporator. Hoses and refrigerant are also part of the equation. When something goes wrong with your system, there’s a reason it may not be a quick-fix solution for your mechanic.

The refrigerant in your system is vital to its optimum performance and is most likely Freon R-13 if you’re driving a car from this century. Freon, like your motor oil and rad coolant, has a specific purpose — in this case, for use in your car’s a/c system. If you’re driving an older car that’s using the less environmentally friendly R-12 Freon, you can get a conversion kit to replace it.

The final thing you need to know is how often you need to “recharge” your a/c. That depends on how effectively your system is working. If your system is no longer chilling to the comfort and temperature levels you like, you need to book an automotive A/C tune-up. For that, contact Bowens Automotive at 326 Arvin Avenue in Stoney Creek. Call the auto shop at 905-662-1405.

No gimmicks, quick fixes or hidden costs – just quality

Bowens Automotive in Stoney Creek, Ontario provides the Hamilton region with quality automotive repairs and genuine customer service. Since opening its doors in 1986, proprietor, Reg Owen and Billie Evans, has been dedicated to offering his clientele with professional automotive service. From his useful advice to his high level of efficiency and knowledge when it comes to repairs, Reg and his team has exactly what you need and what you’re looking for in an auto mechanic.

To this day, the largest source of new clients walking through the Bowens Automotive door is derived through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. Backed with years of experience, there’s simply no other name in the industry that is more equipped to handle your vehicle.

As a full-service shop, Bowens Automotive offers a wide range of services and quality products that will leave your vehicle running smoothly. Are you on the market for a new set of tires or suspension work? Perhaps you’re looking at installing a new cooling system in your vehicle? Whatever the need, the friendly employees at Bowens Automotive are here to help you. Even if you’re simply looking for a quick, yet efficient tune-up, Bowens has your answer.

As a reliable automotive shop, Bowens promises to work with honesty and integrity, and most importantly, they are committed to effectively meeting your vehicle needs.

Drop by their shop location today at 326 Arvin Avenue in Stoney Creek and asked the knowledgeable employees about Bowens’ 90-day guarantee on labour. For more information on services and products available, check out the Bowens Automotive website or give the shop a call at 905-662-1405. For quality service and vehicle maintenance you can count on, turn to the Bowens Automotive family.

Everything you need to know about emissions repairs

Poor air quality harms everyone, but especially children and the elderly. The Drive Clean program plays an important part in reducing air pollution in Ontario by setting standards for vehicle emissions. This isn’t just good for everyone’s lungs, but it’s good for your car, too.

Keeping your vehicle properly maintained and tuned up is an easy way to ensure that you’ll pass the emissions test. Your mechanic will be able check your car’s onboard computers as well it’s mechanical components to make sure that everything is working properly and staying within emissions standards.

There are some common problems that can cause you to fail your emissions test that a good mechanic will help you avoid. Things like vacuum leaks, malfunctioning air injection systems, faulty sensors and defective ignition systems can all be caught well before an emissions test with regular maintenance.

When you receive a notice saying that your car must pass the Drive Clean emissions test before you can get a new license plate sticker you’ll have to find a test facility. There are lots of them out there, but choosing an experienced auto repair shop to perform the test is always the best option.

Bowens Automotive has been in the business for almost 30 years and is an accredited Drive Clean test and repair facility. They are a true old fashioned neighborhood auto repair shop that’s built up their business through hard work, high standards and referrals from happy customers. You can trust that your vehicle is in good hands with Bowens Automotive, whether you’re getting an emissions test, oil change or any other service your vehicle might need.

Bowens Automotive is located at 326 Arvin Avenue, Stoney Creek. You can contact them at 905-662-1405 to book an appointment for a test or repair today!